How to Keep Your Horse Warm and Dry

How to Keep Your Horse Warm and Dry

Hire us to do horse blanket waterproofing in Kalispell, MT

No one likes being cold and wet, and your horse is no exception. That's why it's important to make sure their blanket is properly waterproofed. Professional horse blanket waterproofing will not only protect your horse from the elements, but it will also help prolong the life of their blanket.

If you need horse blanket waterproofing services in Kalispell, MT, reach out to Glacier Horse Blankets. We'll use hypo-allergenic and pet-safe detergents to waterproof your horse's favorite blanket. To get started, drop off your horse's blanket today.

3 reasons to waterproof your horse's blankets ASAP

Every horse owner knows that horse blanket waterproofing is important, but have you ever considered why? Check out a few of the benefits of waterproofing your horses' blankets:

1. When your horse comes in for the night, you can store the blanket right away instead of waiting hours for it to dry
2. While your horses are out in the pasture this winter, they'll stay comfortable and dry
3. If your horses enjoy playing in the mud, waterproofing their blankets will make them easier to clean

Start taking advantage of these benefits today. Call 406-253-2343 to schedule professional horse blanket waterproofing services.